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4 Sisters Wooden Sculpture

African Man at Traditional Ceremony Iron Wood

African Woman Wooden Sculpture

Afro Comb Malawi Display Piece Various

Atrwala Hunter's Return Ceremonial

Attacking Animals (Lion Pride)

Beaded African Woman Sculpture

Beaded Key Ring Figurine Doll Small

Beaded Ndebele Clan African Woman Doll - Traditional Ceremony Doll

Beaded Ndebele Clan African Woman Doll - Traditional Ceremony Doll Small

Beaded Ndebele Clan Sangoma (Traditional Healer) Woman Doll

Calao Bird (Great Hornbill) - Ivory Coast

Ceremonial Tribal Mask Bobo Tribe

Chokwe Tribal Mask (D.R. Congo) Female Ceremonial

Chokwe Tribal Mask (D.R. Congo) Male Ceremonial

Congolese Kuba Statue Mini

Cow Hide Drum with Stitching (Medium)

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Abstract African Family of Six

Bathing Hippo Soap Dish - Ngaka Stone Brown Variant

Bathing Hippo Soap Dish - Original Natural Green Ngaka Stone

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Footprint in the Sand African Stone

Framed Mother & Child Giraffes

Green Opal Elephant Abstract

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Moon Face Abstract African Wonder Stone

Multi Stone Stone Sculpture Busts Various

Old Man Soap Stone Desk Sculpture

Pondering Man Desk Sculpture

Reality of A Reflection African Wonder Stone

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Beaded Wire Fold-able Giraffe (Large)

Beaded Wire Fold-able Giraffe (Small) Various

Decorated Metal Lamp Shade

Dung Beetle Varnished Metal

3 African Animals Charm Necklaces (Various)