Bathing Hippo Soap Dish - Original Natural Green Ngaka Stone

$ 30.00

The bathing hippo soap dish is made by the Shona tribe in the midlands of Zimbabwe. The Shona are part of the Bantu ethnic group which are native to Zimbabwe and neighboring countries. The bathing hippo soap dish and other variants are made from the local stone found in the midlands of Zimbabwe. The locals call the stone; sourced from the mountains meaning “ngaka stone”. 

A soap dish with a difference, carved with a wish for you to take a long relaxing bath with the joy of Africa by your side!

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Choose between the two variants of Dark Green/Gray or Brown

After that, enjoy unboxing your soap dish, trust me its a process!! but remember if you notice any white spots then polish them with either brown shoe polish (for the brown variant) or white shoe polish (for the dark green variant) after that polish your soap dish with a soft cloth. Sorted. 

Average Sizes:

Width: 15.6 cm, Length: 20 cm, Height: 2.5 cm

Weight: 388 g