About Manduwe African Handmade

About Manduwe African Handmade

Welcome to Manduwe African Handmade; an art and craft platform that showcases the incredible work done by African artists, crafters, designers and many others. Through the intelligent use of natural resources from clay, wood to metal, producing some scintillating designs and art pieces that reverberate and bring the spirit of the Continent to life, straight from the heart of the African Child.

Our artists are based all across Africa and most of them have either migrated or their works have made their way to Africa's economic hub of South Africa. From magnificent sculptures of the big 5; the massive elephant; the lion king to various sleek depictions of African society and life.

Manduwe African Handmade was conceptualised in 2012, by children of the continent. It is a platform based on the spirit of ubuntu, which means: (togetherness), and is an extension of the African philosophy that "umuntu ngu muntu ngaBantu" meaning one’s being is because of others, our children are raised by a community at large and our children raised with the beliefs of co-existence and the need to share, with those around.

Manduwe African Handmade brings these important values in its development and adopts them in it service offering.

Feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or just to say hello! 

Head Office Sourcing: (Johannesburg, South Africa):
Email: hello@manduwe.com 


Manduwe African Handmade all rights reserved MANDUWE HANDMADE (PTY) LTD. We endeavour to source original handmade African arts, please feel free to contact us should you want a detailed report on our artwork origin and their production process.