Atrwala Hunter's Return Ceremonial

$ 75.00

Atrwala Hunter's Return Ceremonial

This ceremonial mask is by the Ashanti - a nation and ethnic group native to the Ashanti Region of modern-day Ghana in West Africa.

The Asanti people speak the Asante dialect of Twi. The language is spoken by over nine million ethnic Asanti people as a first or second language. The word Ashanti is an English language misnomer. Asanti literally means "because of wars". The wealthy gold-rich Asanti people developed a large and influential empire; the Ashanti Empire along the Lake Volta and Gulf of Guinea. 

This antique piece, is mostly covered in colorful beading and would make for a unique part of decor for any household.

Width: 55 cm, Height: 57 cm;

Weight: 3.9 kg;

Made in Western Africa.