Buffalo Gloss Painted Ostrich Egg with Stand

$ 89.00

The charming gloss painted Ostrich egg is just as majestic as the African Buffalo. The shine of the gloss paint brings the painting of the Buffalo in its habitat to life. The Buffalo Gloss Painted Ostrich Egg is paired with a majestic Warthog tusk Ostrich egg stand. The Warthog tusk egg stand elevates the intensity and divinely painted Ostrich egg. This pair is very unique and will take center stage in your home wherever you display it. 


Made in Southern Africa 


Ostrich Egg

Length: 14cm

Height: 18.4cm

Width: 14.5cm

Weight: 390g

Warthog Tusk Stand

Length: 18.5cm


Width: 18.5cm

Weight: 730g