Ceremonial Tribal Mask

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Ceremonial Tribal Mask

Ritual and ceremonial masks are an essential feature of the traditional culture of the peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa.

While the specific implications associated to ritual masks widely vary in different cultures, some traits are common to most African cultures. For instance, masks usually have a spiritual and religious meaning and they are used in ritual dances and social and religious events, and a special status is attributed to the artists that create masks and to those that wear them in ceremonies.

In most cases, mask-making is an art that is passed on from father to son, along with the knowledge of the symbolic meanings conveyed by such masks. African masks come in all different colors, there is red, black, orange, and brown.

From the Bobo tribe an ethnic group living in Burkina Faso. Bobo is also the name of the second biggest city in Burkina Faso. 

This antique piece, is a celebratory mask to mark an important occasion, it is a classic piece of African history.  


Made in Western Africa 


Length: 52 cm

Width: 34 cm 

Weight: 5.5 kg