Miscellaneous Collection Dark Feather Themed Ceramic Ware

$ 7.00

Miscellaneous Collection of the Dark Feather Themed Ceramic Ware Range;

Handmade, hand painted upmarket ceramic ware in unique painted designs and decorated with beads;

Different products available including dinner sets, serving bowls, coffee mugs and much more;

Handmade from the soil of Africa! Baked and glazed.

By a co-operative in rural Limpopo, South Africa; 

Made in Southern Africa 

Square Bowl: Width 27.0 cm, Height 6 cm;

Small Calabash: Height 10 cm, Depth 14 cm; 

Small Milk Jug: Height 7 cm, Depth 6 cm; 

Coffee Mug: Height 12.5 cm, Depth 9 cm;

Pricing inquire within, from USD 7