Simba! Roarrr! the Africa King of the Jungle

$ 35.00

Bayede ! Behold the king of Jungle. Kids the lion is the master of the jungle. The lion is the king of his land. The lion is a fair ruler and loves all the Animals. Kids do you love all animals in the lions kingdom?? Can you ROARRRR!! like a lion? We also love the lion just like in the Lion King. 

This stuffed animal is made from safe acrylic wool and is stuffed with normal and safe stuffing. We also include a COVID-19 safety tips information leaflet. We love to stay safe. We love Africa. Let your kids experience an authentic handmade piece of Africa in their home. 


Made in Southern Africa 


Length: 20cm

Height: 30cm

Width: 19cm

Weight: 150g