Sneakers by Lucas

$ 148.00

Lucas is a Fine and Applied Arts graduate, he hails from the "Kwa Ndebele" tribe whom are mostly located in central part of South Africa. Lucas cares for his community and enjoys giving back through various projects such as mentor ship and the hosting of exhibitions.

Lucas hopes to further his studies abroad, whilst he expands his portfolio. Lucas loves to share his passion and dreams with the world. As an avid sneaker lover, Lucas customised his favorite sneaker one day and it caught the eye of his peers and others. Soon Lucas was customizing sneakers to order, including those of a number of African celebrities.

With many African designs and themes available, or your very own creation, why not rock a pair of sneakers customized by Lucas from South Africa.

Made to order within 1 week and with many sneaker brands to choose from including (Converse, Vans, Levi's), drop us an email at or simply fill in our contact form to place an order or discuss customization.



Made in Southern Africa